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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio.


I’m a Designer, and a true generalist— I design UI, code websites, create animations, script and film videos, design brands…


I love communication, I love problem solving. I love meeting new people.


I love being creative – making new and useful solutions to problems. This extends to every area of my life – like building an outdoor chair but limiting myself to two discarded wood palettes or working out a fun system to help my children pack up their toys.


I hope you enjoy taking a look at my work.




Tim Jensen



My design process is iterative, informal and ever-changing, so this portfolio is a collection of some of the work I’ve created with some brief insights into my creative thinking.


This section is password protected— please contact me to view.

USC Student Portal App

A personalised experience for students


I worked with a team of developers to create a student portal app— built on the Ionic framework, it integrates with a number of University systems to provided a personalised experience for each student.

University Student App

I defined a detailed Design System for icons, colours, responsive font styles, and custom components.

Student App Design System
Student App Design System

I wanted the onboarding screens to highlight the key features of the app, not show actual UI, so I took the elements of the UI and simplified them to emphasise the functionality of each feature.

Student App Onboarding
Onboarding screens for Student App

USC Learning Management System

UX Enhancements to the University’s learning management system


This was an iterative project over several years to improve the user experience of the University’s learning management system— Blackboard.


What made this project particularly enjoyable for me was the challenge of working within the constraints of a core system and theme that our team did not manage— all the UX enhancements I designed had to be implemented at the presentation level (w/ CSS and javascript snippets)

The out-of-the-box UI for Blackboard is very outdated and lacks all the usability found in modern UI design patterns. I worked to completely reskin the UI over several iterations.

LMS UI before and after

I designed and built some JavaScript functionality into the UI to introduce essential functionality missing from the core system—

Recent pages navigation

A ‘recent pages’ history to allow users to jump directly to pages only accessible through several clicks,

A course colour picker that put the colour-coding of courses into the hands of the end user (and which flowed through key pages of the system),

Course Colour Picker

A personalised ‘Dashboard’ to connect students with other key services and systems within the University,

A google-inspired ‘apps launcher’ to easily jump to key authenticated systems throughout the University,

App launcher

And a learning content layout tool built with Javascript.

Javascript content layout tool

Branding/visual language

A visual language to define and communicate a complex and ever-changing digital learning environment


After starting a two-year project to transform the University’s digital learning environment, my boss asked me to design an internal brand and visual language that would help ‘get staff on board’ with the vision of the project.


Digtal Learning Environment wave contour

My exploration of all the elements of the University’s digital learning environment led me to think about representing it as an ecosystem, something complex by definition—

I chose to represent this with the theme of ocean waves

Digtal Learning Environment brand elements

Some other work

Hindsite Industries
Hindsite Industries
Hindsite Industries
Terminology Help Learning Resource
Terminology Help Learning Resource
Terminology Help Learning Resource
Aveo Sales App
Aveo Sales App

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